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  1. Introduction. Martinelli Luce S.p.A., VAT number 00230590465, with its registered office located in Via Teresa Bandettini, 55100 Lucca (“Martinelli Luce”), directly as owner of the data processing (the”Owner”) provides this informative report for the personal data processing (the “Data”) in accordance with article 13 of the legislative decree dated 30th June 2003 n. 196 (“Privacy Code”). THIS INFORMATIVE REPORT SUPPLEMENTS WHAT PROVIDED BY THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE USE OF THE SITE AND BY THE GENERAL TERMS OF ON LINE SALE. THE DATA PROCESSING IS CARRIED OUT BY THE OWNER IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE REGULATIONS SET FORTH BY THE PRIVACY CODE AND BY THE GENERAL RULE SET BY THE GUARANTOR FOR THE DATA PROTECTION.

  2. Application Field. This informative report is meant for all the subjects who, for any reason, have access to the web site reachable at URL (the “Site”), and all those interested in Data processing, both natural persons and juridical persons, entreprises, bodies, associations or professional people.

  3. Typology. The Data the Owner processes as “Personal Data” can be classified as ordinary (name, surname, company name or trade name, residence or legal office, telephone and fax number, web address (URL), VAT number, fiscal code and generally those data required to single out credentials for the Site access) and those related to subjects of any nationality.

  4. Source. The Data are provided directly to the concerned party, by having access to the Site and by filling up the form necessary to the registration as well as the purchase, in accordance with the provisions published on the Site, with the Instructions for the use of the site and with the General Terms of the On line Sale.

  5. Processing Purposes. The Data are processed with the unique purpose of (a) allowing the completion of sale contracts and their implementation, in accordance with what provided by the General Terms of the On line Sale; (b) allowing the sending of trade information to the subjects who gave their consent.

  6. Nature.In the FORM to be filled up on line the optional or binding nature (*) of the contribution of the data is precisely indicated in order to complete the registration and/or to carry out the purchase in accordance of what the General Terms of the On line Sale provide. The non-binding contribution of the data or the opposition, for legal reasons, to the processing of already provided data will hamper the completion of the registration and/or to carry out any purchase. In order to receive trade information, it is provided a specific consent that can be withdrawn at any time.

  7. Consent. Except for the Data required for the sending of trade information, the Data Martinelli Luce processes as well as the purposes of this processing are included among the cases for which the Privacy Code does not imply that the concerned party has to give his/her consent (article 24, paragraph 1, lett. d). The owner will have to obtain the consent whenever the regulation of the Privacy Code requires so for the typology of the Data or for the purposes of the processing.

  8. The Conditions of the Processing.The Data processing occurs by means of strictly electronic tools, through merely logical procedures related to the processing purposes. The processed Data are not subject to a transfer or to a dissemination nor the assignment is provided.

  9. Conservation. The Data are kept into a web farm in Italy. For the Data conservation, security measures are taken such as access control, redundant backups, firewall.

  10. The charged people. The people charged with the processing are the Martinelli Luce’s partners and directors, together with freelances and/or employees. The Data may also be communicated to service providers as well as to legal, fiscal and data processing counsels of the Owner for reasons that are strictly related with the respective professional tasks.

  11. Cookies. In accordance with the Privacy Code, Martinelli Luce, through the Site, carries out exclusively the processing of the Data specially communicated with this informative report. In particular, no traffic survey and automatic surfers’ Data acquisition are provided by means of cookies or spyware or other permanent processing tools/programmes that are not previously reported to the surfer. IN ORDER TO GUARANTEE THE OPTIMISATION AND THE EFFECIENT WEB SURFING ON THE SITE, SESSION COOKIES ARE EMPLOYED THANKS TO WHICH THE SURFER IS ASKED TO ENTER ONCE FOR EACH SESSION THE IDENTIFICATION CODES ATTIBUTABLE TO HIM/HER. THESE COOKIES ARE NOT SAVED ON THE USER’S COMPUTER ON A PERMANENT BASIS AND THEY DESAPPEAR WHEN THE BROWSER OR THE SESSION IS OVER.

  12. Data log. Martinelli Luce will be able to provide and/or to employ at any time, as evidence of the carried out operations and of the existed relationships, elements of proof also, that can be obtained, according to the law, from the processing systems and procedures Martinelli Luce employs to regulate the Site access and use.

  13. Application Principles. The Owner gathers and processes the Data necessary to achieve the above-mentioned purposes and carries out this processing in accordance with legality, non-surplus and proportionality principles set forth by the Privacy Code.

  14. Concerned Party’s Rights. The concerned party may refer to the Owner in order to exercise the rights provided by the Privacy Code (article 7, fully reported below) and, in particular, to have access to the Data, to ask for their correction and updating, to oppose for legal reasons to the processing by sending a mail to [] or a fax to the number [0583.419003].

  15. Updatings. Additional information on rights and the way they can be exercised are available on the institutional internet site of the Guarantor of privacy (

    Legislative Decree dated 30th June 2003 n. 196
    Article 7 (Right of access to personal data and to other data)
    1. The concerned party is entitled to obtain the confirmation whether there are personal data concerning him/her, although not registered yet, and their communication in an understandable manner.

    2. The concerned party is entitled to obtain the indication of:
      1. the origin of the personal data;
      2. the processing purposes and procedures;
      3. the applicable logic in case of processing carried out with the aid of eletronic tools;
      4. the identification data of the owner, of the responsible people and of the appointed representative in accordance with article 5, paragraph 2;
      5. the subjects or groups of subjects the personal data can be communicated to or that can be acquainted with as assigned representative in the State territory, of responsible people or charged people.

    3. The concerned party is entitled to receive:
      1. the updating, the correction that is to say, whenever he/she is interested in, the completion of data;
      2. the annulment, the transformation anonymously or the control of the processed data as an infringement of the law, including those whose conservation is not required in connection with the purposes they have been gathered or then processed for;
      3. the certification that the operations mentioned at letters a) and b) have been communicated, as for their content too, to those the data have been communicated and disseminated to, except whenever this fulfillment is not possible or implies a clearly disproportionate use of tools compared with the protected right.

    4. The concerned party is entitled to be opposed, fully or partially, to:
      1. for legal reasons, the processing of personal data concerning him/her even if thay are relevent to the gathering purposes;
      2. the processing of personal data concerning him/her in order to send some advertising or retail documents o for the execution of market or trade communication survey.

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